Tailored marketing

What do we do?

Room 19 helps Lawyers get a great return on their Marketing investment by getting clients using proven marketing techniques.

What’s the Secret?

There isn’t one. There is no magic wand in getting clients online, it’s simply understanding how to apply old time tested methods to the new tools.

Look Great Online

Get a good looking website, and solid customer reviews

Get More Clients Calling

Your phones will start ringing quick. So be ready.

Know its working

Process are put in place that allow you to know our work is adding directly to your bottom line.

80/20 Rule

80% of all digital marketing DOES NOT work  20% does

You should only do the 20% that works.


You’ve been in business long enough to know there is never a silver bullet. We do the right things in the right order, and don’t lose focus, nothing fancy.

A Case Study

Gerald Miller P.A.

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