SEO in 2015

Search Engine Optimization (i.e. making your website easy to find on Google) and creating Content are no longer two separate initiatives.

Google heavily considers what kind of quality content you are creating on a regular basis. If you’re not creating content, don’t expect good things to happen to your search rankings.

So what does this mean to me?

If your Search Engine team has been keeping up with how Search Engine Optimization should happen, then you should be ok. If not, then you are paying a lot of $$ for little reason.

In other words, cheap short cuts will provide a lot less value than traditional good writing and marketing.

Link building should be called “Link Earning”

Link building is the practice of increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage (other websites linking to your website). Good Link Earning depends on developing trusted relationships with other websites that are seen as authorities for whatever topic your product is associated with.

Google sees these links as proof that your website is relevant to end users, and raises your website’s ranking in search results as such. There is no quick fix for good Link Earning. This is not the area to shop around for the cheapest price, it will end up costing you dearly if this is done by someone not using the most ethical methods.

So where do I start?

Ask yourself a few questions…

“What are my online marketing goals for this year? Am I happy with my marketing results? How could they be better?”

…and if you can’t answer those questions, find someone who can.