Gerald Miller P.A.

When we met Jerry Miller, his digital world was in bad shape. Forced to abandon the web address his firm had established for more than a decade (the result of a Google penalty), the future didn’t look bright, and he needed help.

He hired us as a strategic partner, and in less than 6 months, we were able to right the ship and help earn some of its best sales results in years.

The Approach

The approach we took with this case is no different than our approach to any client. We started by understanding his concerns, his goals, and his business as a whole. From there, we conducted our own analysis and provided our guidance concerning those areas where spending time, effort and money would provide the most impact.

Jerry was frustrated…and rightly so. He’d spent four decades building this firm, all the while trying to stay ahead of the curve with regard to marketing “best practices,” both online and offline.

Our client has a vision. This well-respected and established Minneapolis attorney wants to leave a legacy. To make that happen, the firm as a whole needs to start growing, and stop relying on his presence to make that happen.

The Plan

To get the results Jerry needed, we devised a multi-tiered plan. It consisted of re-establishing a foundation for the firm’s online presence, creating the ability to improve that presence long-term, but also devising a plan to obtain short-term results. Then we made sure to tie everything together in a way that he would know…without a doubt…that the plan amounted to money well spent.

Establishing a new foundation meant a complete overhaul of the firm’s website. The outcome meant the site was much better positioned for long-term success. It now includes a blogging function, can be viewed easily on any device (“responsive design“), and includes updated professional imagery.

A new site on its own, however, does not ensure long-term success. To meet this requirement, we established a system to infuse his site with new content on a regular basis (sometimes knowns as “content marketing“). Additionally, we endeavored to make certain that his firm’s site would be easily found in search results by the customers who need his services (also known as search engine optimization or “SEO”).  This part of the plan takes time, regular analysis, and attention to detail.

Because part of the plan takes time, it was important to the success of this partnership that we produce some results quickly.  To accomplish this, we pulled together an online advertising strategy that included both search engines and social media  (for example, Google and Facebook).

Standard practice in the digital world would end here; however, “standard” simply isn’t enough for us to help reach our partners’ goals.  Therefore, we went one step further and implemented a new customer tracking system at the firm (often referred to as customer relationship management, or “CRM”). Tying all this work together provides Jerry with confidence to know without a doubt his money is well-spent.

The Results

The results experienced by Gerald Miller P.A. were nothing short of spectacular. Since engaging Room19 as a strategic partner, the firm has experienced a steady increase in overall monthly revenue. In less than six months, the firm saw its biggest month in more than three years. Revenues at the beginning of 2016 started with the best January in years, and shows no evidence of slowing down.

The first six months of our engagement brought more than 100% return on investment (net of expenses). Examining online revenue alone, this new relationship brought nearly $4 into the firm for every $1 Room19 asked  him to spend.

We count this case as an unequivocal success. More importantly…so does our client.